Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Merchants, Freighters, Rogue Traders and Luxury Cruise Liners....

Good evening everyone and welcome to the next blog post.
So this is not going to be a very long post and also not pic heavy...

As in the last post, I mentioned I have acquired a sorylian collective fleet andplan on using it as a multitude of mercahnt and freighter vessels. Mainly as objectives in missions and each will have a different livery for the larger ships and for the smaller ones, a mixture to know what they carry at a glance. Some will also be converted to be passenger vessels and also a hospital ship is on the cards too.
So any way here are a few photos of finished ships, four so far but another two almost done, including the hospital ship.

Next up is an old conversion. This is from before I came upto Shetland BUT I never released the photo until now. She is the Wolf of Centralia, a converted Retribution class battleship. I do aim to add a few more aerials and what not but cant until Im back. She is also not painted yet, except basecoated black. As you can see.....

Anyway, thats all for this one folks.
So as always, I will see you in the next blog or even video, whichever comes first... BYE BYE!!! 

Friday, 12 May 2017

A new type of fleet arrives.

Good morning everyone, again from sunny Yell...

Seriously, its sunny here again and although a bit chilly I think it will turn out nice.

So Ajay, did you miss me???

Anyway, sooo on to the blog.
I recently treat myself to a Sorylian collective fleet that was a great bargain from one of my favourite forums online. I got the starter fleet, 12 extra escorts and also a carrier ship. I got the two rulebooks and all the cards and gubbins to play the game, so all in all a very nice addition.

First off I was very surprised by the size and quality of the ships. They are sturdy, well designed and sculpted, plus they look great. A lot of detail but not too much to over do it, the actual size is a bit chunkier than BFG however that doesn't bother me as I'm open to new miniatures. They are designed and produced by Spartan games under their firestorm armada game system and they have a LOT of factions supported in their games ranges which Id recommend checking out even if just for some inspiration.

So anyway last night, a fast turn over for me, I started one of the small cruisers and two escorts. These will serve as a small group of freighters. The escorts don't look overly armed so as small freight and merchant vessels they look correct, although I will add a few aerials here and there to change them up a bit. The cruiser does look armed, however they could be painted as large port holes I guess, which would be nice for a couple of passenger liners for the fleet objective set I want to do.
Here is the ship as I left it last night, well ships but one is significantly further along colour wise....

Next up is the Ork space hulk. She is looking good with a few layers of paint on, I need to work out some rusting on the metalic sections and add a few colours just to suggest the previous hulls but thats all until I get back to Yorkshire and managed to cast up a few odds and sods to use as full broken hulks to slap on her and fuse with the asteroid. Ive had fun with this project, although abit nerve racking at first as to whether it would work or not...

Anyway, thats all for this one folks.
So as always, I will see you in the next blog or even video, whichever comes first... BYE BYE!!! 

Sunday, 7 May 2017

It came from the warp....

Good morning everyone,
Welcome to the next installment of my blog series.

Well firstly, a few non modelling bits and then Ill get stuck in to that side.
So Ive been missing home as some of you will know and its been keeping me a bit blue, however I do have a date for when I plan on returning and hopefully a few plans to move on and forward with my life in general so all of that is quite exciting. Plus if push comes to shove I am always welcome back with Pam and John and I also have options up here too which I will explore more over the coming weeks.
I was out with my friend Maria yesterday and we had  grand day in Scalloway and so here are a couple of photos that I managed to get of the castle and other bits. The weather was fantastic and I learnt a lot at the museum which has given me ideas for a few more chapters in my current 'novel' that I am working on, ideas brought on by the events of the Shetland bus during World War 2.

Anyway so on to the modelling side of the blog.

Firstly the scratchbuilding of an ork space hulk. Now this scares the crap out of me, Ive got all the parts on to it that I want except 3 or 4 broken ships sticking out like you normally see. I look at it and I think "it looks horrible" mainly because it is all different colours and just a load of bits, so will basecoat it soon and hopefully solve that issue. Now I cant add the other ships until im back in Yorkshire but it will be ready for them atleast haha. I will also do a small video on this too as a lot of ideas and thoughts id like to put out there.

Secondly, Ive had a bit of a paint of some of my Ork small escort type ships. So far I have finished three, ignore the bases as not done those yet, but i have the basic colours done and details started which will be finished today, a day off so im making it a painting and walking day.

Lastly (for the battlefleet gothic side), Ive also added 4 more sword frigates to my imperial fleet, these will be stripped when home and repainted in my fleets colours and added to the roster. Which at some point I shall write all and do the usual fluffy bits that I like to write.

So onto something completely different. Im doing another diorama style piece. It will be a skaven warlord being challenged by Wulfrik the wanderer, a champion of chaos who is cursed to roam the lands challenging all manner of creatures and powerful enemies, the chaos gods cursed him to HAVE to fight but be granted the ability to issue a challenge in ANY given language of the old world to really add insult to those he wants to challenge. A fantatsic model I have wanted for a long time and finally manged to pick up in metal for a bargain price on Ebay haha. The diorama will be the two facing off on a small terrain piece and each will be on seperate bases so i can still use them in games of Mordheim or similar. so Here are the two models in question, although Wulfriks shield arm is not attached for ease of painting, which is how I prefer to do it. I aim to start painting these today as it is my day off but we all know how those plans can turn out haha....

Anywho that’s it for this issue, Ill see you again here and hopefully you'll see me in the next video, so keeps your eyes to the ground, BYE BYE!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Soooo, photos for the modelling side...

Howdy everyone,
another blog, on top of the one earler today AND the vlog....

Anyway so a few little bits.
First up is the Skaven scramblers. This was a spare of the moment purchase over in Lerwick, now I really like the models but had no interest in blood bowl. Although now I have a team I may have a go when I go back down south. I have painted them closely to that on the box but really enjoyed it and I think they came out well for a gaming standard piece. I may sell them in the future due to not wanting to keep them in my own collection.

Secondly, my friend bought a job lot of the airfix robo gear hex terrain and so ive toyed with a few ideas of those set ups. They are fun to build but can be frustrating a tad if you go for a big piece, make sure to steady them as you go or you could ruin it completely (speaking from experience...)

Anyway, thats all for this one, due to the close proximity of the last one.
So as always, I will see you in t enext blog or even video, whichever comes first... BYE BYE!!!

Hi from sunny Shetland.

Good evening everyone,
Well first off, although the video suggests there is photos of projects....
I'm afraid there isnt, I've got back from dog sitting, I'm tired and I REALLY can't be bothered to get any right now so I shall over the next couple of days and do another blog post with the projects in.

Now as you may well know bby now, I AM staying in Shetland and am finding it great out here but also quite isolated. Im on my own or with the same three people almost all the time and as I dont drive I rely on them to take me places on the odd occasion so its quite hard for me at the moment.
That being said it is a fantastic experience and I am learning a lot about myself and learning new skills all of the time with it being completely different to anything I have done before.

So on to a few photos.
This is where I am staying, this is looking out across the bay to Mid yell from Camb...

This is Uyeasound, the bay and are...

And this morning...

 Da Kugg....

A few random ruined houses and what not in the area, there is a huge amount of them since the islands population decreased after the oil boom slowed....

And myself at the edge of the bay...