Sunday, 15 January 2017

The fleets are assembling...

Good morning everyone,
Well another update.
It’s been full speed ahead with the Battle-Fleet Gothic stuff, a lot finished this last week which is great news for me and also means I’m one step closer to completing it all.
So here is what’s been finished as well as the rest of their appropriate fleets, some ships where finished earlier so they will be mentioned too.

First up, the space marine imperial fist ships. These are an ally to my imperial navy fleet, my ‘baby’ as it were. I aim to have a large fleet of these mainly for my own personal sense of satisfaction, I’ve always liked these miniatures but was waaaay too late to buy them from games workshop so I’ve had to go to the second hand market.
Next up is in fact the Imperial navy, only a dauntless class cruiser and the Retribution class battleship have been finished this week, the rest were finished late last year. But a group shot so they look cool together haha.
Next we have the eldar. Again some of these, the turquoise ships, were finished last year, it is the purple ships that have been finished this week, there is still 4 more ships to come for the elder but I’m not sure how I shall paint them as can be tricky. I really like how these have turned out and the aesthetics of the ships is fantastic too.
Next we have the Tyranids, not many finished ships, just the one, but here is the on-going test with inks. A LOT of inks haha so long drying times which meant slower painting speeds. I'm happy with it how it is now and so will start painting the rest of the fleet soon, probably a big old batch painting sessions as most are small. The hive ship however will be a few days work due to the size and details I'd like to get.
 Here are some wrecks that I have whipped up with broken spares that were sent to me a while ago. I'm hoping to add some smoke/fire effects to them at some point soon as Ive not done it before.

Here is my first Necron ship. A new scratch-build and very different to the usual Necron ships you see. Its not great and i think ill need to sculpt some 'veins' into it like most Necron vessels have.

Here are the Ork ships. Or at least the small ones anyway. They aren't great, but work for the Orks haha. They will be fully painted soon with details that Orks are renowned for, cheques, reds and stripes haha.
 Lastly we have the chaos capital ship. Now this is how it was painted before it came to me and so it will be getting a new lick of paint by myself, although I'm really not sure how just yet as I think the usual red is quite boring, so I'm going to explore new ideas. I do have several chaos ships and so it will be a small fleet once done.
 Anyway, Thats all folks.
Ill be posting anew video soon but filming at home is a lot harder than you'd think due to the feeling that people judge you for doing it, after all it is effectively talking to your self.....
Anywho, I shall see you all next time, BYE BYE!!!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Battlefleet gothic Tyranid fleet and Tyranids in general.

Good afternoon everyone,

Well I am hopefully back for the foreseeable future with what I hope (AGAIN) to be a regular blog update.
Now I am also doing vlogs too on youtube now so ill put a link to that at the end of here too so you can enjoy a bit more personal time with me, plus see my (not so) pretty face haha.
Link to Youtube
Anyway so onto project updates.
First off, these are photos of models that are on the desk, these are NOT full scale projects but models I LOVE and so bought to make and paint up, various stages as seen and Ill literally pick one at random as a filler project between the larger drying times. This works really well for me and some are being pumped out quickly now.
 My Eldar force, another non legal army but awesome miniatures...
 A few odds and sods...

 The next photos are that of the gaming group miniatures. Mass painted models that look good in a group but not so much on their own, fun little paint jobs right there…

Next up,
The Tyranid  fleet for Battlefleet Gothic.
As mentioned in the video, I'm really getting into Battle-fleet Gothic at the moment and scratch-building a LOT of fleets as well as assembling some non scratch-built fleets too which is jolly good fun and may even be a game that I ACTUALLY play properly as all previous attempts have failed due to bad mechanics or what not annoying me…
So the scratch built fleet is here, many types of ship and feel free to ask me how I built them and I may do a tutorial type blog to back it up.
The smaller ships first... escorts and such with a dauntless class light cruiser for scale.

The Kraken
The Cruisers

 And finally the Hive ship itself!!!

The below image shows how I shall paint the fleet, the image is from one of the old Tyranid codex from GW.
 Lastly the Tyranid army, multiple big beasties and that’s about it. Not really a “legal” army but IM NOT A GAMER SO NYEHHH Ill do as I please.
The Trygon...
 The carnifex, including teh painted one. Now in the video I say I have 5 however the 5th is still on sprue as Id like to do a building tutorial video with that one...

Anywho that’s it for this issue, Ill see you again here and hopefully you'll see me in the next video, so keeps your eyes to the ground, BYE BYE!