Monday, 24 September 2018

PROJECT POST. New week, New project, what could it be?

Good evening everyone,
So with this new week, after a roughish week last week, I have started a new project which will be smaller than most so should in theory be a bit easier to complete.

It is the Inquisitor scale war-band. So not many models but nicely detailed and so really can go to town with that.

I started today with stripping all that needed it, pictured here, yes including my own painted Eldar Ranger who Id like to repaint. So I set about them and it took a good while due to size.
I then set about removing the green stuff from the space marine who had been converted into a space wolf and so had a sculpted green stuff cloak. Although it looked fantastic, I wanted to remove due to my paint scheme going to be an Imperial Fist marine.

Here is the Marine with the green stuff removed, coming on nicely.

Here are the bases, the Eldar Ranger and the Space marine ready to be sprayed tomorrow morning as Ive taken it nice and slow today, as well as a great therapy session too which has cheered me up no end.

Tomorrow I aim to start the Ranger and maybe the Marine too. I must admit the posing of the Marine is a tad odd, but the arms and the legs have all been modified previous and so a bit harder to modify to do differently, so Ive stuck to something simple. perhaps in the future Id be able to alter to be holding the gun proper, with no sword. He is also a VERY big model.

Anyway, until next time, Good night :D

Sunday, 16 September 2018

LIFE/CAMPING POST. Last nights wild camp with Robb.

Good evening everyone,
Well last night me and Robb went wild camping in the North Yorkshire Moors.

We had a nice little wander around Whitby before going over to Beck hole. We had decided to camp near the waterfall, however once we got there with our packs, we decided that it was impossible to hang hammocks, without any trees, soooooo... we wandered back down the route and I had seen a nice natural ledge that was between the stream and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway (of course I had to see some trains haha)

So here is a view from the ledge, we had a great place to sit and chat, have a good cup of tea and a few drinks too. The set up was great, the only down side was my sore throat keeping me up at night.

 both ways down the stream, one the way we came and one of the waterfall itself.

A quick one on how close we were to the NYMR, that fence at the top there? Thats it, if you look REALLY closely you can see one of their locomotives passing, unfortunately only just out of photo range there, slightlyy to the left you could see them very well. I did run up a few times to see a few pass, because it was a great sight to see.

This is a sneaky shot of Robb, the flash gave me away...

Early morning start for me, after FINALLY getting a bit of sleep. I slowly packed up most of my stuff before reading until Robb woke, I dont like to disturb as we were there for the fun of it.
 View from my hammock in the morning.

All in all, it was a brilliant night and hopefully many more to come shortly. I aim to do similar posts like this as another part to the blogging.
Anyway, until next time, byeee.

Monday, 3 September 2018

PROJECT POST. Dark eldar practice fleet complete.

Good evening all.

Well after a few lazy days, Ive just been off for some reason, I have managed to jump back on to Battlefleet Gothic and have managed to complete the Dark Eldar practice fleet as well as work more on the Tyranid practice fleet, so that is almost finished AND my retribution class battleship conversion to emperor class battleship has been finished too.
tomorrow I aim to spray all remaining chaos, imperial and the Dark Eldar fleet, ready to crack on painting them, plus I am hoping to get some beads together to do the 3D versions of the blast markers as I am REALLY getting into the game now.

So a full fleet shot, its rare to put two cruisers in but their points would be lacking otherwise and they are light and flimsy so it doesnt matter tooo much.

Second up is the new cruiser on its own, Im happy with it and I feel this looks better than the first, purely because I did a double nose (one on the underside)

Next is the Tyranids. The list will be 1 cruiser, 5 kraken and 7 escort drones, which is bigger than ANY of the other fleets, but they specialize in combat and so will take a beating on the way in plus suffer from the instinctive behavior of the Tyranids. so could go either way in a game.
So here are the kraken, nice easy builds, I still have two not in the photo, which are drying (greenstuff) which is one more than I need.

Here are the escorts, although I need to add tentacles on to these guys.

I dont have a  photo of the cruiser yet, but once I get one Ill pop one on.
But here are some upcoming ship types for them too...

Lastly, some of you will have seen this already, but here is the Emperor class battleship conversion.
Plastic aerials added to the prow and the appropriate weapons systems added.

Anyway, that's all for today. Expect some painting to happen over the next few days and I shall update as I do :) Good bye for now.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

LIFE POST. Photography, a bit different for me.

Ok so Ive been toying with photography for a while and these are two shots from today/last night.
The first is my dad, sat reading in the back garden. It was a sneaky shot from the rear window without him knowing so it is very natural. I like it as it shows him relaxed which is rare these days.

The next is of Poppy, one of our three dogs. She is the one I seem to get on with best and have a great connection with. Just lazing in the sun.

Now oddly its not really a life post as such here but it seems to fit. If I do more photography posts, I could just add it as a "photograpy" post and have it as a new section type doodad. Which is good.

I do a lot of railway photography but as most people dont like trains I never post them, so am kind of thinking of just posts about if I do a days traveling, just writing a bit about it and adding some photos.

Anyway, thats all for now folks.

PROJECT POST. The Dark Eldar scratch builds.

Today a bit more on the battle fleet gothic scratchbuilding.

Ok so the Dark Eldar are certainly coming on well.
I like how they are coming on too, despite a lot of difference to the actual released ones.
I aim to sculpt the bridges on them tonight as well as finally finish a couple of the ork croozers too.

So this is how the dark eldar ships look at the moment, a nice group shot.
As for the next photo, it is a picture of the parts I use. The weapon can be random, it doesnt have to be that one, however the rest slip together really nicely and easily, which makes them quite nice to build.
You should be able to see how they go together as I have laid them in a similar fashion to that of assembly. the two spiked parts go together as seen, the bottom should be angled downwards and the top upwards, then spike on the under side near the front and the gun on the top, facing forward.

Up next is the start of a couple of defence stations, that kind of thing using, thats right, tau drones haha.

And lastly the start of my order tokens that I am making, as at a prototype. Each will have an order painted on each side.

Anyway, that is it for todays update, I will be posting another entry right after this with ust some rumblings as a life post.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

PROJECT POST. Scratch builds.

The last couple of days I have been scratch building some Ork and Dark Eldar ships.
The ork ship I want to look stocky, as I feel that is how they should be and so it is quite wide, tall but not long. Its not great but it works for me as a scratch build purely because I haven't picked up any of the ACTUAL cruisers for those guys yet, plenty of the little escorts, but no cruisers.

I still need to add a few bits here and there to really cover some parts but it works. And yes, that is a killa kan as a base for it haha.

Next up is the Dark Eldar. Now I had started these a long time ago, but when I've come back to them yesterday, I didn't quite feel the same way and so after a happy accident I have managed to make two into one and happy with the mash up result for the little escorts. I shall grab a snap tomorrow of the cruiser once it has all dried.
I'm wanting to paint them in a red colour scheme when it comes to painting them.
They are not as sleak as the actual models for them, but they are pirates, so screw conformity.

Monday, 27 August 2018

PROJECT POST. The fleets are coming on well.

Good evening everyone,
I know its late but hopefully some of you will see this before it is lost to the nether regions of the internet like so many things these days.

Anyway so I have finally finished two small fleets for battlefleet gothic and so I can ACTUALLY start playing games of this amazing game and learning the rules.

Providing I can find people to play with haha.....

Anyway so first up is the imperial fleet, a nice little fleet shot just to show case them a bit.
It is an alternative scheme to what I had originally envisioned, but I am more than happy with this look over the old scheme. Which although not bad, it was just missing something (purple :P)

Secondly this photo shows the two fleets about to engage in what would be a small skirmish over a small agri-world. This last photo is a bit blurred but it was a quick knock up so shhhh...